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All of the platforms listed below I am currently investing with, or have done so in the past. I am not paid to review these companies so all reviews are completely unbiased & based solely on my own investing experience.

Grupeer Review Closed Logo

Grupeer Review

Grupeer lending platform closed due to pandemic. Investors file lawsuit in an effort to retrieve capital.
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Landbay Review Logo Closed

Landbay Review

Landbay is no longer accepting investment from retail clients. Unfortunately they now only accept investment from institutional investors.
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Unbolted Review

Honest 8%+ Annual Returns Available Lending On Secured Assets Like Rolex Watches And Diamond Rings.
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UOWN Review Logo with Flag

UOWN Review

UOWN Withdraw from FCA Register & Now Only Accept High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors.
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Wise Borderless Account Review

Wise recently brought out its new Borderless Account and I think it’s great for investors who have diversified investments in multiple countries and currencies.
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Zopa Review Logo with Flag

Zopa Review

5.3% Annual Returns Available Investing With The World’s Oldest Peer to Peer Lender. Zopa Review
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