Where I Invest

Where I Invest

Investment capital is distributed between portfolios of Peer to Peer Lenders in multiple currencies, and Growth Portfolios of mixed assets including Stocks, Bonds, REIT’s, and Gold (also in multiple currencies). The investments are low maintenance, low to medium risk, with very reasonable risk/return ratios. Investments require at maximum 1-2 hours per month to maintain once they are set up.


Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio

Returns on the Peer to Peer Lending Portfolios are between 5% and 25% (depending on lender & currency). Using lower to medium risk Peer to Peer investments. I use Peer to Peer Lending because returns on investments are far superior to returns currently available from banks or short term government bond coupon yields.

My strategy with Peer to Peer Lending is a “lazy investor” strategy where I am looking for the best returns possible, for the least amount of work. Most of my accounts are “auto-invest” accounts where once the capital is lent out it’s really just a case of checking it every few weeks to make sure everything is going as it should.


Monthly Updates for Each Peer to Peer Lender are Available Here.


Current Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Distribution



Growth Portfolios

The Growth Portfolios are time tested over more than 20 years of actual investment.  They are backtested through similar asset-class backtesting for almost 50 years. My main portfolio has produced an annual average return of around 10% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate), with an average drawdown of around 9% and a maximum drawdown of 14.75% in the 2008 financial crisis. Again, I like the “lazy investor” aspect of these portfolios which just need rebalancing one time per year after the initial investment.


£ – GBP Permanent Portfolio Annual Returns & Asset Distribution

GB Pound Permanent Portfolio Average Annual Return


Asset Distribution


$ – USD Portfolio Annual Returns & Asset Distribution

USD Growth Portfolio Annual Return

Current Asset Distribution Chart


€ – EURO Portfolio Annual Returns & Asset Distribution

Euro Permanent Portfolio Annual Returns

Euro Permanent Portfolio Asset Distribution


For more detail on how the Growth Portfolios are constructed click here.

Below is a comparison of how my $ – USD Growth Portfolio compares to other popular portfolios over the last few years. As you can see, the % returns and drawdowns are better than the original Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio.

Portfolio 1 is my current USD  Portfolio Allocation (US Stocks, US Bonds, Gold, US REITs).

Portfolio 2 is the original Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio mix ((US Stocks, US Bonds, Gold). Cash has been left out, as I think that skews it to the downside unfairly.

Portfolio 3 is made up of a 50/50 mix of US Stocks & US Bonds using ETF’s. 

The S&P ETF is there as a representation of the US Stock Market Baseline.

March 2020 Porfolio Comparison 1

March 2020 Porfolio Comparison 2

March 2020 Porfolio Comparison 3


BALANCES shown are just there to show growth as an example. They are not actual portfolio values.

Click here to see a live, current version of this backtest with my specific ETF’s from 2004.


For a general asset class backtest of these assets (not specific funds or ETF’s, just the asset classes) since 1994 click here.


If you would like to read about backtesting, see my Backtesting page.