Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Update for September 2018

Image Update Pounds & Pence

P2P Lending Portfolio Returns Figures for September 2018

Peer to Peer Lender Return Table Sep 30 2018

We are starting to see some of the loan payments kick in from most of the loans made over the past couple of months. The returns are starting to become more as expected.

I added funds to two of the lenders this month; £400 to Kuflink bringing my investment there up to £900 (plus £100 cashback bonus this month). I also sent another £500 over to Lending Crowd so I can keep bidding on loans to get the best rates.

This month will be a more extensive update with some more account information so you can see how returns are made up. If you would like to see more charts you can go over to the Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Returns Page where I update the charts weekly.


Assetz Capital**

See Review

Assets Capital Growth Chart September 2018


With Assetz Capital I am invested in the PSA and the GBBA which are auto-invest accounts. I don’t even look at the loan parts on these investments as they don’t really matter because they are covered with the Provision Fund so if the accounts go late or in to default, the fund should pay out. Also because most of the loans are covered with property, Assetz should be able to get back most of any principle eventually.

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Growth Portfolio Update for September 2018

Return figures for September 2018.

The Growth Portfolio pulled back a little in August. The markets still have a bit of confusion about the trade wars it seems, plus all this posturing going on in the U.S. about Trump and his team, so things were a little mixed. Pullbacks & drawdowns happen frequently with this type of portfolio, so it is to be expected. Over all our asset allocation is still doing well.

Chart - Growth Portfolio Oct 2018

Each individual asset is still in the same range it was last month. Gold being the worst of them. As you can read here about gold, we have a love/hate relationship. No dividends and very volatile, but when it matters, it’s there to prop up the rest of the portfolio.


Growth Portfolio Return Figures for October 1st 2018

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Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Update for August 2018


Here are the Peer to Peer Lending results for the month of August 2018

Just as a reminder, this was less than half a month returns because of the late update in August for July. Moving forward I promise to keep the updates monthly at the beginning of the following month.



Landbay Logo Display

I decided to take some of the capital out of Landbay and place it in to other investments. This was money from the tracker account so there was no penalty for withdrawing it. My reasoning for withdrawing was because I’m getting more and more comfortable with Mintos. The 3.14% from the Landbay tracker account, although very safe, is just a little less than I would like.

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Growth Portfolio Update for August 2018

August was a great month for the portfolios we are following!  My Personal Portfolio is still heading up now REIT’s have found themselves, and we have finally passed the Permanent Portfolio for the year!

My Personal Portfolio (Portfolio 1 below) is where my capital is invested and it did very well in August and overtook The  Permanent Portfolio (Portfolio 2) for the first time this year.

Cash values have no relation to actual portfolio values, and are just for demonstration purposes (obviously).

The drawdown earlier in the year in my Personal Portfolio was mainly due to the REITs taking a dive.  However once the REIT’s got back in the game they came back with a vengeance! I keep most of my REIT investments in a tax free retirement account so the higher dividends on these investments (around 4% combined) won’t be subject to tax until I decide to withdraw the money. Continue reading “Growth Portfolio Update for August 2018”

Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Update for July 2018

First update & Peer to Peer Lending returns for my newly formed Peer to Peer Lender portfolio.  It’s a little late as I was away from home for a couple of weeks (north of Portugal).

Update as of the 18th of August (instead of the 1st). In future I’ll try and update closer to the 1st of each month for the prior month.

How each account looks as of today


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July 1st Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Update & Reset.

Updates from now on will include actual numbers for each lender.

Peer to peer lending

Image of Starting

Today is the first post on my reset Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio. I spent June consolidating the portfolio and getting it ready for my new public Peer to Peer Lending blog. I have decided to publish everything here on this website, so you can see real returns. How they are earned and paid by Peer to Peer Lenders. You’ll also see how it works when defaults occur, and how quickly these companies recover funds, if at all. Everything I do with the lenders will be open and published on here.

I sold a bunch of loans and moved capital from many of the lenders I was using in the past. Then consolidated the capital in to some of the larger lenders I have used previously whom I trust. These lenders get the lions share of the portfolio now.

Also added a couple of new lenders that I have been researching. As with all my peer to peer investments, these lenders start out with a smaller share of the portfolio until I see how things go. And how I feel about placing more capital to them. Moving forward I will be adding more lenders and capital, as well as moving money around in order to try and get the best risk/reward ratios.

This is where the P2P Portfolio stands as of the 1st of July 2018.

Current Peer to Peer Investments.

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