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Crypto Portfolio Featured Image 700x500

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

I recently started investing in Cryptos. I use the word “investing” lightly as I don’t feel like my crypto portfolio is an investment in the sense of the word. To …
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Recovery-Portfolio-Featured-Image-with-flag CLOSED!-700x500-3

$ – Recovery Portfolio

Short term stock portfolio for The Obvious Investor website.  UPDATE:  May 31st, 2021: The Recovery Portfolio was closed out at the end of May, 2021 for a profit of just over …
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USD Permanent Portfolio Featured Image

$ – US Dollar Permanent Portfolio

Below are the results of my personal USD Permanent Portfolio of mixed assets in US Dollar currency which is tracked in real time here on my website. This portfolio was initiated …
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Euro Permanent Portfolio Featured Image

€ – Euro Permanent Portfolio

Results of the Euro currency based Growth Portfolio which tracks World Stocks, Euro Area Bonds & Spot Gold in Euro currency-based funds, plus physical gold, which are traded on European …
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Landbay Review Logo Closed

Landbay Review

Landbay is no longer accepting investment from retail clients. Unfortunately they now only accept investment from institutional investors.
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Grupeer Review Closed Logo

Grupeer Review

Grupeer lending platform closed due to pandemic. Investors file lawsuit in an effort to retrieve capital.
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Wise Review Featured Image

Wise Borderless Account Review

Wise recently brought out its new Borderless Account and I think it’s great for investors who have diversified investments in multiple countries and currencies.
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Zopa Review Logo with Flag

Zopa Review

5.3% Annual Returns Available Investing With The World’s Oldest Peer to Peer Lender. Zopa Review
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UOWN Review Logo with Flag

UOWN Review

UOWN Withdraw from FCA Register & Now Only Accept High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors.
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Unbolted Review

Honest 8%+ Annual Returns Available Lending On Secured Assets Like Rolex Watches And Diamond Rings.
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