Portfolio Comparison

Portfolio Comparison

Below is a comparison of how my $ – USD Growth Portfolio compares to other popular portfolios over the last few years. As you can see, the % returns and drawdowns are better than the original Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio.

Portfolio 1 is my current USD  Portfolio Allocation (US Stocks, US Bonds, Gold, US REITs).

Portfolio 2 is the original Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio mix ((US Stocks, US Bonds, Gold). Cash has been left out, as I think that skews it to the downside unfairly.

Portfolio 3 is made up of a 50/50 mix of US Stocks & US Bonds using ETF’s. 

The S&P ETF is there as a representation of the US Stock Market Baseline.

March 2020 Porfolio Comparison 1

March 2020 Porfolio Comparison 2

March 2020 Porfolio Comparison 3


BALANCES shown are just there to show growth as an example. They are not actual portfolio values.

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