Mintos Review
Return Rate 5
Overall Safety 4
Asset Security 4
Time in Business 3
Lazy Investor Rating 4

Updated August 2019 – Mintos Review –  100% unbiased. Based on my own investing experience with one of Europe’s largest peer to peer lenders offering returns of up to 15%

Summary 4.0 great

Mintos Review

Updated August 2019 – Mintos Marketplace Review

How I Make Easy 12%+ Annual Returns Investing With Europe’s Largest Peer to Peer Lender! 

My Lending Experiences & Actual Investment Returns Published Monthly Below.



What is Mintos?

Mintos Marketplace (website) – is the leading and largest European Peer to Peer (P2P) Lender, providing loans to consumers & businesses around Europe. 

Offering higher returns (up to 15%), and a huge loan book in multiple currencies, making investment fast and easy wherever you reside. All coupled with the added safety of the “Mintos buyback guarantee” & “skin in the game“. Mintos Marketplace takes some beating.

Mintos is one of my most favorite P2P lenders, and one of my largest lender accounts. Easy, hands-off investments paying some of the highest returns in the business make Mintos Marketplace a top lender. And in my opinion, they have good reason to be part of any diversified Peer to Peer lending portfolio.

Read on to learn about my personal lending experiences with Mintos Marketplace, as well as my investment strategy and long term view of the company.



My Mintos Marketplace Returns, Account Growth & Income Charts


Mintos GBP Account Growth Chart

Mintos Euro Account Growth Chart

Mintos Monthly Income Chart

View Consolidated Monthly Investment Returns from All Lenders





The Obvious Investor – Easy-Info Table© – Mintos Marketplace Review

Overall Rating*:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Who can invest:  
Loan Currencies:£ Fifty GB Pounds Image   Fifty Euros - 50 Image    + 10 Others
Estimated Return:Up to 19%+ depending on loans & currencies.
My Actual Return
(Per Lender):
GBP 9.68% - EUR 13.22%
My Calculated XIRR: GBP 8.96% - EUR 14.81%
Risk Rating*:4/10 - Low - Medium    4 out of 10 stars
Early Exit:Yes.
Loans can be sold on secondary market.
No Mintos fees.
Min. Investment:€10
Deposit Funds:Bank account. Multiple currencies.
Typically 1 -2 days.
Manual Invest:Yes
Lending To:Borrowers (through originators)
Loan Types:Personal loans, debt consolidation,
car finance, home improvement,
wedding loans, holiday loans, pawn shop loans.
Just about any type of loan you can imagine.
Also provide secured and unsecured business loans.
Loan Security:Yes, with some loans.
Provision Fund:No provision fund.
See review for "Buy Back Guarantee"
and "Skin in the Game".
Loans Amortize:Some fully amortize.
Some partial.
Some bullet.
Time to Invest:Fast: huge loan book.
Time to Mange:None (auto-invest) to medium (manual invest)
Lender Fees:No.
Payments Received:Monthly, weekly. Various times.
Amount Lent:€2 billion+
Number of Investors:80,000+
Loan/Dflt Stats:Click Here for Stats
Location:    Riga, Latvia
Email:[email protected]
Telephone:0157 893 0033 (UK)
+371 66 164 466 (Latvia)
Cashback**:Yes! 1% of average daily balance cashback
for first 90 days. Click here for more info.
How to Sign Up**:Sign Up Here!


Mintos Marketplace – Overview

Overview – Mintos Review

Mintos Marketplace is the largest European Peer to Peer lender, offering higher returns (I’m seeing 9.67%+ on GBP and 12.77% on Euros as of May 2019) on loans to consumers and businesses mostly in the EU, including Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, Spain, UK and more.

Mintos also lends to other countries around the world, Russia, Ukraine and many of the old Soviet Union countries included.

Many (but not all) loans are secured on anything from property, cars, pawn shop assets and various other items. 

For extra security, many of Mintos loans also offer the “Mintos buyback guarantee”. This is where Mintos loan originators will buy back loans that fall behind in payments more than 60 days.

Also added security from “Skin in the Game“, where some of the loan originators invest a percentage of their own cash in loans on a first loss basis, which means in the event of a default, they take the first loss on the loan.

Mintos Marketplace is an interesting proposition for anyone wanting to invest in their own currency. Or to diversify into other currencies.

Mintos is a little different to many other Peer to Peer lenders because, for the bulk of its loans, Mintos acts more like a “middle man”. Meaning that Mintos connects “originators” (local loan providers) to investors, instead of making its own loans.



Mintos Marketplace was launched in 2015 in Latvia.

Currently they work with over 60 loan originators connecting them to lenders around the world.

In the 4 or so years Mintos has been in business, it has lent out over 2€ billion euros from over 80,000 registered investors.

Those figures are very good by any standard. And when you also hear that Mintos is already a profitable company, it becomes even more impressive!

Mintos Statistics Screenshot for May 2019 Revew Update 1 - Mintos Loan Originators & Loans Outstanding


I really like Mintos Marketplace. Having invested cautiously with them at first. 

I have since expanded my portfolio, more than doubling it in GBP investments, and more recently increasing that investment by another 50% in Euro based loans. 

My feeling is, even though their head office is located in a country that is maybe not so well known to some people. They are a good business, a relativity safe investment, and have become one of my largest lending accounts.



Mintos Marketplace is not regulated as the UK Peer to Peer lenders are by the FCA, however they are actively scrutinized by the Latvian regulator and it wouldn’t surprise me if regulation in Latvia came soon.

Mintos’ sheer size adds as much, if not more safety than regulation to their offerings in my opinion. That is just my opinion though and no doubt some would disagree.  

Many of the European P2P platforms have settled in Latvia as the authorities there are friendly to the P2P business model. So far I don’t know of any fraud or other serious problems related to any Latvian lender. Hopefully that record will continue.


Signup Process – Mintos Review

Opening an account with Mintos is relatively easy. Just the usual ID & anti money-laundering checks.

They typically need a copy of your passport or driving license, and a utility bill or bank statement to show your current address.

Residents of any country that can comply with the ID checks can signup with Mintos, except the USA for some reason. I believe it has to do with some US regulation though, not the platform rules. 

If you don’t have a European bank account with an IBAN number, see my TransferWise Borderless Account review for more information on how it may be possible to get European banking details.


Mintos Signup Screenshot - Loan originators - Mintos Marketplace Review


Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are made by bank transfer, which bank is dependent on the currency you are depositing. 

You will be provided with the relevant bank details when you select the currency you will be sending.

Deposits usually show up in your account the same or next working day. 

Withdrawals are only to a verified bank account, and typically take 2 – 3- business  days.


Mintos Deposit Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review


Time to Become Invested – Mintos Review

Mintos Marketplace has a huge loan book, mostly in Euros.

If you are investing in Euros you literally have hundreds of thousands of loan options, so getting invested in any of the predefined and regular auto-invest portfolios takes minutes.

With the regular loan listings, it will take as long as it takes you to decide on which loans you want to be invested in.

In GB pounds there are two main options available for investment, they are MoGo car loans which have buyback protection, or 1pm business loans which don’t have buyback.

Personally I only invest in the MoGo loans in GBP as I like the buyback guarantee .

Even just with MoGo there are usually a few hundred loans available, so it possible to get invested quite quickly.



Who are we lending to?

Mintos Marketplace is a true Peer to Peer Lending Platform. Lenders are lending directly to borrowers. Loan agreements are directly between the lender and the borrower. Mintos just acts as a middle man, managing loans, payments and debt collection etc.

Although something which is a little different with Mintos is that Mintos itself doesn’t originate most of the loans like most P2P companies.

It has over 60 “loan originator companies” it works with, and they originate the loans locally, then provide the loans to Mintos Marketplace for individual lenders to invest in.

Mintos Marketplace provides loans to consumers for personal loans, debt consolidation, car finance, home improvement, wedding loans, holiday loans, pawn shop loans.

Just about any type of loan you can imagine. It also provides secured and unsecured business loans.


Loan Security

Both secured and unsecured loans are available on the platform.

It is easy to see on their website which loans have security and which don’t, as well as the LTV’s (Loan to Value Ratios).

Remember the Mintos buyback guarantee and some of the loan originators’ “skin-in-the-game” offers further security.


Mintos LTV Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review



It’s easy to see which loans offer buyback guarantees. The little yellow shield on the “Invest” button signifies the loan is protected.

Mintos Buyback Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review


Default Rates – Mintos Review

Mintos Marketplace default rates change daily because of their sheer size, loan types and currencies.

You can see here what they are now as the figures in this Mintos review will likely be old ten minutes after writing it.


Mintos Loan Performance Screenshot



There are all types of loans on Mintos Marketplace; fully amortizing, partially amortizing, interest only and bullet loans (balloon payment). 

Amortization is the paying off of debt with a fixed repayment schedule in regular installments over time. It reduces the risk of the loan compared to a non-amortizing loan in which nothing is received until the end of the loan period, or only interest is received monthly, and then the capital repaid at the end of the loan period.

If you choose non-amortizing loans, please make sure you understand the risk-reward and also double check asset security values.

When listing loans with Mintos, it’s easy to select the loan types you want from the loans filter.


Mintos Amortization Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review


Selling Loans and Withdrawing Capital

It’s easy to sell Mintos Marketplace loans on the secondary market.

Mintos do not charge a fee for selling loans, however in some cases you may need to sell loans at a discount in order to sell them quickly.

Mintos enables you to sell loans at either a discount, or at a premium.

Mintos Sell Loans Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review



If loans are in demand (such as GPB car loans are right now) you will often see them listed at a premium of up to 3% (which is the most that Mintos allows).

Mintos Secondary Market Screenshot Mintos Loan Originators MoGo - Mintos Marketplace Review



Diversification – Mintos Review

Diversifying capital into loans is easy with Mintos because of the sheer size of their loan book.

Their predefined auto-invest portfolios diversify automatically, and with the self-select loans, you can create an auto-invest rule which only places a predefined amount into each loan.

Mintos Diversify Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review


Provision Fund

There is technically no provision fund with Mintos.  However the previously mentioned “Mintos buyback guarantee” really helps to put more confidence in Mintos loans.

This in my eyes is as good as, if not better than a single provision fund. This is because we are not relying on just one company to step in if a loan goes in to default.

Each originator is responsible for it’s own guarantee which Mintos regulates to an extent. The risk of course is if an originator goes out of business, which has happened once in the past (see “Originator Default” below). 

I still think Mintos’ sheer size adds a lot of security to their loans.

On top of that, most of the loan originators offer what Mintos refers to as “skin in the game”. Meaning they invest their own capital in a percentage of the loan (typically from 5% – 15%).

So if the loan goes bad, they lose money as well as, and before the Mintos lenders.

This helps to ensure appropriate levels of due diligence on borrowers and adds just another level of security.


Originator Default

One of the dangers to be aware of investing in Peer to Peer lending companies, Mintos Marketplace experienced back in 2017 when Eurocent, one of it’s originators went out of business and was suspended from trading on the platform.

Eurocent was one of the many originators offering “Mintos buyback guarantee”, so with them gone now, no knows if lenders can expect to get all of their capital back or not on defaulted loans originated by them.

Here again, the “Prime Directive” comes in to play; not only diversify between loans, but also make sure you are diversified between originators.

Even in the Eurocent situation, I would think investors would still get most of their money back, simply because the loans we make through P2P platforms are usually directly with the borrower.

So just because a platform goes bust doesn’t mean that all borrowers will cease to pay their loans (I would hope).

It’s always important to remember when investing in P2P businesses that your capital is always at risk and there is no government backed insurance programme to protect your capital in the event a platform goes out of business.


Retirement Account

No retirement account options with Mintos.



Website – Mintos Review

The Mintos Website is one of the best I’ve seen from all of the P2P lenders. And their loan supply is out of this world.

Currently (May 2019) there are 387,629 loans available to invest in on the primary market.

There are 272,335 on the secondary market.

Most loans are in Euros. So for larger investors with Euros, Mintos can gobble up huge amounts of investment capital, which means you can still only have a small amount invested in each loan.

Easy to conform to the “Prime Directive” for huge diversification.

Even in GBP there are usually enough loans available to diversify into.

Mintos Secondary Market


Return Rates

Mintos Marketplace return rates are very good, at an average of around 9.67%+ in GBP, and typically a little more in other currencies (typically upward of 12% in euro loans).

They actually used to offer interest rates much higher (up to 20%). However recently the rates have come down due to increased investor demand and the growing safety of the platform. 

Also MoGo (one of the largest originators of car loans) stopped offering their higher paying car loans. These loans made a big difference to the return rate.

It is still possible though to find loans in the 13% – 15% range, although most are available only in euro. 10.5% is about the most you’ll find in GBP which really isn’t bad.


Mintos Account GBP Screenshot


Mintos Marketplace EURO Account Screenshot

Buying Loans

Selecting loans to invest in through the Mintos Marketplace website is very easy.

Their loan filters make it simple to drill down to just loans that meet your criteria in both the primary and secondary markets:


Mintos Loans Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review


Auto-invest – Mintos Review

Another thing I really like about Mintos are their auto-invest portfolios which are very flexible in enabling us to pick the loans we want to invest in automatically as money is added to the account, and as new loans are added through the platform.

Mintos does offer some “pre-packaged” auto-invest portfolios. However I don’t feel the rates are so great.

They are good if you really don’t want to put any time in to configuring Mintos investments though,  and just start earning a good rate from day 1.

If you’re willing to spend a few minutes doing research, I think you can do better. Plus then you also get control of if the loans include the Mintos buyback guarantee and “skin-in-the-game” from the Mintos loan originators. 

Mintos Auto-Invest Strategies





If you use the Mintos “Custom Strategy” tool, you have a lot more flexibility on which loans you want, how much interest you want to earn, and how much diversification you would like. As well as several other settings:


Mintos Auto-Invest - - Mintos Marketplace Review

Mintos Auto-Invest Screenshot




My Personal Mintos Marketplace Auto-Invest Strategies – Mintos Review


Here explained are my personal Mintos strategies. I don’t pretend to be a master at developing Mintos strategies, and frankly I don’t have the time or the inclination to do so. I have simple settings that net me almost 10% in GBP and over 13% in Euros which I am very happy with.


GBP Strategy.

For GBP I currently only use MoGo car loans. I consider these loans the best for GBP as MoGo (a big company with a strong financial background) offers buyback guarantees and the loans are asset secured with some type of vehicle, usually cars.

This strategy gets adjusted at times based on the available return rates of the loans, and the flow.

Mintos Marketplace GBP Strategy Screenshot

Mintos Marketplace GBP Strategy Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review



EURO Strategies

I have a couple of Euro strategies which I use. Each of them can get updated or switched on and off depending on the loans that are coming through and their ROI.

These are the strategies I use. Could be all or just one at any time dependent on how long I want to tie Euros up for and also how much I’m investing.

Mintos Marketplace EURO Strategy Screenshot


The first strategy (priority 1 above) is for short term loans (mostly) from Varks who are a strong short-term lender offering buyback guarantees, and who also pay interest on late or delayed loans (very important if you want to reach target interest rates).

This strategy is set to catch short term loans at above 14%. I like to keep loans as short term as possible in Euros most of the time. You’ll note on the above screenshot it has the first priority and it has a portfolio size larger than my total Euro portfolio, so this will put all of my money in to 14% or higher short term loans IF they are available.

Mintos Marketplace EURO Strategy Screenshot - Mintos Marketplace Review Mintos Marketplace EURO Strategy Screenshot


The second Euro strategy (2) is exactly the same as the first, except it is set to pick up loans of 13% and above instead of 14%. So if there are no loans available for the first strategy at 14%, the second strategy will pick them up at 13%.



The 3rd Euro strategy is what I call my “Top Lenders Strategy”. This is a list of lenders that not only Mintos rates as high, but other sources I have researched also say the same. That coupled with loans above 13% but with longer terms. I will typically only use this strategy if there are no short term loans available, or I just want to tie money up in 13% or higher loans for the longer term. The other reason of course is if I wanted to diversify more between multiple loan originators for safety.

Mintos Marketplace EURO Strategy Screenshot Mintos Marketplace EURO Strategy Screenshot Mintos Marketplace EURO Strategy Screenshot




Mintos Review – Summary

Mintos Marketplace is certainly one of my most favorite platforms. Their return rates are unmatched by any other lender I know of this size who is also profitable. 

The Mintos buyback guarantee and Mintos originators “skin in the game“, in my opinion it makes Mintos one of the safer – high-return lenders out there.

I have no hesitation investing a significant portion of my lending portfolio in Mintos, and I can definitely recommend them as part of an overall investment strategy. 

The Mintos staff are always professional whenever I need to contact them for anything, and they all speak English very well.

I enjoy investing through Mintos and I hope they continue on the road they are currently on. Returns of 9% to 15% are always welcome on my monthly income list 🙂



Thumbs Up Points for Mintos

Thumbs Up

  • Unique Diversification  – focusing on consumers and businesses in many different countries and in many different currencies really is enticing.

  • Great Returns – even with the lower available rates now, 9%+ in GBP, is nothing to sniff at, and even better rates are available for loans in euros.

  • Multi-Currency – lots of options for currencies to invest in. Mintos also offer a reasonable money exchange service for changing money into other currencies.

  • Huge Loan Book – there should never be any cash drag with Mintos loans, especially if you invest in Euros.

  • Great Filters – very easy to drill down to loans you want to invest in

  • Auto-Invest – auto-invest options are (I believe) the most configurable of all of the P2P platforms I invest with. You can literally choose anything you like.

  • Skin in the Game – most lenders have their own interest in loans so they should take more care in loans they write.

  • Mintos Buyback Guarantee – Is Mintos safe? Most originators offer the “Mintos buyback guarantee” and will buy back the loans if they go in to default, therefor making Mintos safer. 

  • Zero Early Exit Fees – there is no charge for selling loans early on the secondary market, and you can even sell at a premium or discount if you so see fit.

  • Website – very easy to use and understand, and still very configurable.

  • Mintos also won AltFi’s “People’s choice award” in 2016 and 2017 which adds a little more confidence around them for me. There are also many Mintos Reviews out there to refer to. This gives Mintos more credibility too.


Thumbs Down Points for Mintos

Thumbs Down

  • No Regulation – may make Mintos Marketplace a riskier proposition, however their sheer size and multiple Mintos loan originators makes up for it in my mind.

  • Lavian Based – for UK investors this may not be as comfortable as investing in UK companies. European investors don’t seem to see this as an issue though.

  • Currency Risk – investing in a currency other than your home currency can have it’s own inherent risks if it falls.

  • No retirement IFISA – for interest free investing for UK investors.



Risk Factor – 4/10 – Low to Medium

4 out of 10 stars

Low to Med Risk Traffic Light


Is Mintos Safe? In my Mintos Review, I consider Mintos to be in the low to medium risk category.

Even taking in to consideration that some loans are secured, originators have “skin in the game” and the “Mintos buyback guarantee”, Mintos is still an unregulated business with a short track record.

However the longer Mintos are in business, the better they seem to get.



Who Can Invest with Mintos?

   Is Mintos Safe?

Residents of most countries in the EU can invest with Mintos, and also other countries that conform to the EU’s money laundering regulations.

Unfortunately (as far as I can understand) our USA friends aren’t able to invest in the platform at this time. This is because of some US regulation (not the platform’s rules). 

If you need help moving money, or exchanging currencies; see my review on the TransferWise Borderless Account. Contact Mintos for more information.



Offers & Signup Links**


Mintos Marketplace offers one of the best cashback offers out there – New customers receive 1% of their daily balance in a cashback reward for the first 90 days by using links here on!


Click here for more information on the 1% cashback offer >>


Open Investment Account & Claim Cashback Now >>



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