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PeerBerry is a new Euro lender I added in January. I decided to add them for a couple of reasons; the first is that I was getting a lot of cash drag in Robocash, so I wanted to get the money invested somewhere. Secondly I have been looking at PeerBerry for a while. They are like a “mini-Mintos” inasmuch as they have multiple loan originators they work with and the platform is a loan market, instead of the platform actually being the lender themselves. Mintos, Grupeer and Robocash are similar as they have the same concept. I’ll write an initial review later in the month but I like this “loan market” concept as it offers a lot of choice, liquidity and more importantly the ability to diversify between lenders even more though a single platform.


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No cashback offers with PeerBerry this month, however if you would like to take a closer look at their platform, please;

Use this link to go to the PeerBerry website >> so they’ll know I sent you.




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