Ablrate Review

Ablrate is a smaller size, UK based Peer to Peer lender.  Providing loans mostly to businesses on a selection of interesting assets from private jets and power generating stations, to property development and bridging loans

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Assetz Capital Account Information

  Excerpt From The December 2019 Monthly Update   Assetz Capital See Full Review Assetz Capital announced in November that they will no longer be allowing investment in their PSA (property Secured Account) or their GBBA2 (Great... Read more

Crowdestor Account Information

  Excerpt From The Full December 2019 Monthly Update   Crowdestor See Full Review   Crowdestor had a huge jump in income in December. This was due to a project I invested into in March called “Biomass Boiler House”... Read more

Envestio Account Information

  UPDATE: 24/1/2020 – It appears that Envestio have ceased trading. Their website has been down for several days and there is a lot of buzz on the social media sites. No one has been able to get any information out of them as to what is... Read more

Funding Circle Account Information

    Excerpt From The December 2019 Monthly Update   Funding Circle See Full Review As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of Obviousinvestor.com, I’ve been trying to get out of Funding Circle since July 1st... Read more