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Best Stocks to Buy Now for 2021

New Investment Portfolio – Best Stocks to Buy Now for 2021 with 50%+ Profit Potential

When asset markets crash, or economies go into recession, there is always opportunity to profit for the nimble investor who knows what the best stocks to buy now, at that time, are. In January 2021, I decided to start and look for some of these opportunities. My thought was; there are a lot of companies & assets that haven’t been able to recover from the hardships of the COVID pandemic.

£ – GBP Crypto Currency Portfolio

I recently started investing in Cryptos. I use the word “investing” lightly as I don’t feel like my crypto portfolio is an investment in the sense of the word. To me, Cryptos are still the unknown, the wild west of investing if you will.

Recovery Portfolio Featured Image with flag

$ – NEW! Recovery Portfolio

Below is the newest stock portfolio for The Obvious Investor website.  The Recovery Portfolio is built from distressed stocks & funds that have yet to recover fully from the COVID pandemic. It is made up of assets purchased on the US market in USD as I believe the US markets have the best chance of …

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Euro Permanent Portfolio Featured Image

€ – Euro Permanent Portfolio

Results of the Euro currency based Growth Portfolio which tracks World Stocks, Euro Area Bonds & Spot Gold in Euro currency-based funds, plus physical gold, which are traded on European & London Stock & Metal Exchanges.

GBP Permanent Portfolio Featured Image 700X500

£ – GB Pound Permanent Portfolio

Results of the British Pound based Permanent Portfolio which tracks World Stocks, UK Bonds & Gold in GBP currency-based funds which are traded on the London Stock Exchange.

USD Growth Portfolio Featured Image 700X500

$ – US Dollar Growth Portfolio

Results of my personal Growth Portfolio of mixed assets in US Dollar currency containing US Stocks, Treasury Bonds , REITs & Gold which is tracked in real time here on my website.

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