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In July 2019, income from the Peer to Peer Portfolio took a bit of a dip. I was trying to figure out why this was. The income from Funding Circle, Lending Crowd, and Kuflink  were all off in July for starters. Looking closer I realized that I took the numbers for the June update on July 1st, and it appears that it makes a huge difference to the income figures as many of the repayments come in on the 1st of the month, so the stellar figures in June it seems included some of the repayments for July.

P2P Portfolio Featured Image for June 2019

      GBP Portfolio Overview June 2019 was (again) the best month yet for the GBP Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio! The £1000 per month income barrier was blown away in June, with a return of £1,239.43 in GBP! More than £200 better than any other month. Funding Circle, Lending Crowd, Unbolted and Kuflink 

P2P lending Update May 2019 3

May was the 12th month, and the 1 year anniversary of  the GBP Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio! It produced over £1000 income for the 2nd month

Elephant in the room Lendy

I feel like I need to mention the Lendy (Saving Stream) situation as everyone is up in arms about this “sudden collapse” on May 24th 2019? This is just my opinion based on the (very limited) experience I had when considering investing with Lendy.

Featured Image for May 2019 P2P Lending Update

April was the best month yet for my P2P Lending Portfolio! It finally crossed the £1000 per month income barrier with a return of £1,028.67 in GBP.  I mentioned “in GBP” at the end there because I decided to buy some euros and add some euro lenders this month so I now need to distinguish between the two currencies. I mentioned I was hoping to buy some euros in last month’s update. More on that later.

Algarve Image for FIRE Portugal Post

What if I told you that you could retire earlier than you ever thought. What if I told you that you could live comfortably by the beach on less than 1000 per month?

Growth Portfolio Returns mixed assets

If anyone has any doubts about how well a carefully constructed portfolio of mixed assets can work, this should help to alleviate them. As of the end of March, the Growth Portfolio is up almost 10% just since the beginning of 2019!

P2P Image for March 2019 update

March 2019 turned out to be another good month for my Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio with a total income of £981.50 the second best month so far.

Feb 2019 Update Image

February 2019 has been another great month for my new P2P Lending Portfolio! £985.78 in monthly income. That doesn’t include lender cashback bonus

Portfolio Update Image

After a lackluster 2018, and a pullback last month, the Growth Portfolio came roaring back in January making gains of over 6% in a month!

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