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The Growth Portfolio took a dip in October, mostly due to some uncertainly about the US midterm elections, which will be held in November (6th). That, added to the trade war situation with China really shook things up a bit. It may calm down towards the end of November once we get the elections out of the way. Who knows if it will rally, or fall depending on if democrats or republicans win the house and/or the senate. Personally I think it will rally back up into the new year. Optimism is high right now, but not quite high enough for a major crash yet (yes, you read correctly, “optimism”, markets typically seem to do the opposite of what people think they will do). If you look to the past, when people are most optimistic is when the biggest crashes happened, when no one was expecting it. 

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Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Update for October 2018.  Live versions of these charts are always available here.   Overview Portfolio growth is plodding along as expected. A little over £833 income for the month which really isn’t bad. I get emails from banks regularly touting 1.3% interest on their super-duper accounts, which would mean

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P2P Lending Portfolio Return Figures for September 2018 We are starting to see some of the loan payments kick in from most of the loans made over the past couple of months. The returns are starting to become more as expected. I added funds to two of the lenders this month; £400 to Kuflink bringing

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Return figures for September 2018. The Growth Portfolio pulled back a little in August. The markets still have a bit of confusion about the trade wars it seems, plus all this posturing going on in the U.S. about Trump and his team, so things were a little mixed. Pullbacks & drawdowns happen frequently with this

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    Here are the Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio results for the month of August 2018   Just as a reminder, this was less than half a month returns because of the late update in August for July. Moving forward I promise to keep the updates monthly at the beginning of the following month.

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  Growth Portfolio Update for August 2018 August was a great month for the portfolios we are following!  My Personal Portfolio is still heading up now REIT’s have found themselves, and we have finally passed the Permanent Portfolio for the year! My Personal Portfolio (Portfolio 1 below) is where my capital is invested and it


  First update & Peer to Peer Lending returns for my newly formed Peer to Peer Lender portfolio.  It’s a little late as I was away from home for a couple of weeks (north of Portugal). Update as of the 18th of August (instead of the 1st). In future I’ll try and update closer to

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Updates from now on will include actual numbers for each lender. Today is the first post on my reset Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio. I spent June consolidating the portfolio and getting it ready for my new public Peer to Peer Lending blog. I have decided to publish everything here on this website, so you

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