Growth Street Review

Updated Aug 2019 – 100% Unbiased Review – Based on my own investing experience with one of the UK’s most popular Peer to Peer lenders. Offering short term lending returns of 5.3%

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P2P Lending Portfolio Update for January 2019

January 2019 has been the best month so far for my new P2P Lending Portfolio! £966.43 in monthly income. That doesn’t include cashback bonus

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Growth Portfolio Update for December 2018

As expected, December was a very volatile month in the US markets. We saw the biggest point loss in the Dow on a Christmas Eve ever, then we saw the biggest point gain ever on the day after Christmas

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P2P Lending Portfolio Update for December 2018

December was an interesting month. I decided to exit Zopa and distribute the capital to other lenders. You can read in more detail why I decided to do this further down in the Zopa section of the update. I also added some more information to... Read more