Below are the results of the British Pound based Growth Portfolio which tracks World Stocks, UK Bonds & Gold in GBP currency-based funds which are traded on the London Stock Exchange. The portfolio is updated monthly here on my website... Read more

$ – US Dollar Growth Portfolio

  Below are the results of my personal Growth Portfolio of mixed assets in US Dollar currency which is tracked in real time here on my website. This portfolio was initiated to show the returns, in real time, along with the GB Pound... Read more

Growth Portfolio Update For March 2019

If anyone has any doubts about how well a carefully constructed portfolio of mixed assets can work, this should help to alleviate them. As of the end of March, the Growth Portfolio is up almost 10% just since the beginning of 2019!

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Growth Portfolio Update for December 2018

As expected, December was a very volatile month in the US markets. We saw the biggest point loss in the Dow on a Christmas Eve ever, then we saw the biggest point gain ever on the day after Christmas

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Growth Portfolio Update – October 2018

The Growth Portfolio took a dip in October, mostly due to some uncertainly about the US midterm elections, which will be held in November (6th). That, added to the trade war situation with China really shook things up a bit. It may calm down... Read more