Growth Portfolio Update – October 2018

The Growth Portfolio took a dip in October, mostly due to some uncertainly about the US midterm elections, which will be held in November (6th). That, added to the trade war situation with China really shook things up a bit. It may calm down... Read more

Growth Portfolio Update for September 2018

Return figures for September 2018. The Growth Portfolio pulled back a little in August. The markets still have a bit of confusion about the trade wars it seems, plus all this posturing going on in the U.S. about Trump and his team, so things... Read more

Growth Portfolio Update for August 2018

  Growth Portfolio Update for August 2018 August was a great month for the portfolios we are following!  My Personal Portfolio is still heading up now REIT’s have found themselves, and we have finally passed the Permanent Portfolio... Read more


By backtesting (simulating with a computer) for many years in the past the strategies we are going to use, say 10 to 50 years in the past, gives us an idea of how it “might” perform in the future in different market conditions

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25% of my growth portfolio is invested in real-estate funds. I use REITs to get exposure to real-estate rather than rental properties etc

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Gold as part of a well balanced, diversified portfolio can help significantly in market downturns. Gold has been a store of value for over 10,000 years

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Bonds are a part of most portfolios and have been for a long time. They historically move opposite to stocks allowing diversification of portfolios

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