Featured Image for November 2019 P2P Lending Update

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For November 2019

Huge changes happening with Peer to Peer platforms this month. Most of my biggest lending accounts (Assetz Capital, Lending Works, RateSetter) all reducing rates of return preceding the implementation of the new FCA lending rules coming on December 9th

Featured Image for September 2019 Peer to Peer Lending Update

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For September 2019

In September, income from the GBP Peer to Peer lending portfolio increased a little from last months £821.38 to £866.32. Funding Circle once again came in at a loss for the month because of default losses.

Envestio Logo 2

Envestio Review

UPDATE: 24/1/2020 – It appears that Envestio have ceased trading. Their website has been down for several days and there is a lot of buzz on the social media sites. No one has been able to get any information out of them as to what is happening.  They have been having some problems likely caused by the recent Keutzal wind down and the following “bank run” where everyone was trying to sell their loans and get out. I’ll update more here as I hear it.

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For July 2019

In July 2019, income from the Peer to Peer Portfolio took a bit of a dip. I was trying to figure out why this was. The income from Funding Circle, Lending Crowd, and Kuflink  were all off in July for starters. Looking closer I realized that I took the numbers for the June update on July 1st, and it appears that it makes a huge difference to the income figures as many of the repayments come in on the 1st of the month, so the stellar figures in June it seems included some of the repayments for July.

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