Exchanging Currency & Moving Money

I have received several questions from readers about exchanging currency & moving money for investments in my portfolios. So instead of continuing to answer the same questions over and over via email, I decided to write a quick post on the subject as it appears to be useful information. Wherever you live in the world, […]

Investment Portfolios Update, June 2021

In the June update; Crypto-crashes, Peer to Peer lending delivers, and the closed out Recovery Portfolio nets a nice 27.09% total profit! May 2021 was an interesting month overall. The Cryptocurrency market had it’s biggest crash ever, just as I decided to get in (always seems to happen when entering new investments for some reason).

Investment Portfolios Update, May 2021

April 2021 was a good month for my investments. I increased my P2P lending investment significantly, & added a couple of new Peer to Peer platforms to the Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio. More PolkdaDOT was added to the Crypto Portfolio when prices dipped towards the end of April. I also staked all of the

Investment Portfolios Update, April 2021

Finally an update! As per my last post, I’ve been working on updating the website with a new theme and look. So I thought it was time to actually give an update to the content subject of the site including an update on the Peer to Peer lending sites I’m still investing with. I decided

Website, Investment Portfolios & Peer to Peer Lending Figures Updated

After a sabbatical of about 6 months, I finally got around to updating the website & investment income numbers. Lots of excuses for my tardiness, but basically I just had other stuff going on that seemed more important. The birth of our first child being one of them, and of course COVID being another, and

My First Investment in Crypto Currencies

Up until recently I had never bothered with Cryptos as I thought they were a “Fad”. But in February 2021, I finally took the plunge with my first investment in crypto currencies.  Two to be exact.  I use the word “investment” lightly as I don’t feel like my crypto portfolio is an investment in the

New Investment Portfolio – Best Stocks to Buy Now for 2021 with 50%+ Profit Potential

When asset markets crash, or economies go into recession, there is always opportunity to profit for the nimble investor who knows what the best stocks to buy now, at that time, are. In January 2021, I decided to start and look for some of these opportunities. My thought was; there are a lot of companies & assets that haven’t been able to recover from the hardships of the COVID pandemic.

P2P Lending Portfolio Update

  To start off this update, I need to apologize as I haven’t done a public update of the site in a couple of months because, even though the P2P sector has been in turmoil for the last few months, not a great deal has changed with many of the lenders. Also I’ve had more

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For May 2020

  Again very little has changed in the P2P sector since the April update. I’ve discussed the changes and updates from individual lenders below.  At a high level, I’m still invested at about 50% of my highest number with around £110,000 in GB Pound P2P investments (from a high of £205,000) and I also have

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For April 2020

  The April 2020 P2P update will be similar to the March update as not a lot has changed. Once again I’ve outlined my strategy with each lender in order to protect capital while still trying to make some returns. The update is a little late this month as we have a new addition to

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