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Investments Update May 2021, Featured Image

April 2021 was a good month for my investments. I increased my P2P lending investment significantly, & added a couple of new Peer to Peer platforms to the Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio. More PolkdaDOT was added to the Crypto Portfolio when prices dipped towards the end of April. I also staked all of the […]

April 2021 Portfolio Update Featured Image

Finally an update! As per my last post, I’ve been working on updating the website with a new theme and look. So I thought it was time to actually give an update to the content subject of the site including an update on the Peer to Peer lending sites I’m still investing with. I decided

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  To start off this update, I need to apologize as I haven’t done a public update of the site in a couple of months because, even though the P2P sector has been in turmoil for the last few months, not a great deal has changed with many of the lenders. Also I’ve had more

May 2020 Update Featured Image

  Again very little has changed in the P2P sector since the April update. I’ve discussed the changes and updates from individual lenders below.  At a high level, I’m still invested at about 50% of my highest number with around £110,000 in GB Pound P2P investments (from a high of £205,000) and I also have

April 2020 Update Featured Image

  The April 2020 P2P update will be similar to the March update as not a lot has changed. Once again I’ve outlined my strategy with each lender in order to protect capital while still trying to make some returns. The update is a little late this month as we have a new addition to

March 2020 P2P Lending Update Image

The March 2020 monthly update is going to be very different to my usual updates. The fact is that things have changed substantially in the last month and my Peer to Peer investment strategy has switched from “income” to “capital protection & damage control”.

Peer to Peer Lending - February 2020 Lending Update

For February 2020, the Peer to Peer lending sector was again quiet. It seems the Coronavirus and the following securities market fallout got all the attention and P2P just ticked along in the background.

January 2020 Peer to Peer Lending Update Featured Image

  In January 2020, the GBP Peer to Peer lending sector was relativity quiet with no major announcements or platform news. Not so for the Euro lending platforms with no less than two of them going out of business and being labeled as “scams”. I’m not so sure I agree 100% with that notion as

P2P Lending Update for December 2019 Featured Image1

December 2019 was a relativity quiet month as far as P2P news is concerned, compared to the 3 preceding months anyway. The new FCA lending rules kicked in on December 9th, and Landbay stopped accepting retail investors (more on that later). My overall P2P income was up a little from November in both the GBP

Featured Image for November 2019 P2P Lending Update

Huge changes happening with Peer to Peer platforms this month. Most of my biggest lending accounts (Assetz Capital, Lending Works, RateSetter) all reducing rates of return preceding the implementation of the new FCA lending rules coming on December 9th

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