Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio Update for July 2018


First update & Peer to Peer Lending returns for my newly formed Peer to Peer Lender portfolio.  It’s a little late as I was away from home for a couple of weeks (north of Portugal).

Update as of the 18th of August (instead of the 1st). In future I’ll try and update closer to the 1st of each month for the prior month.

How each account looks as of today



Everything is progressing normally as you can see. Considering much of the capital has been invested into new loans. Some of which haven’t made their first payments yet, £850 is not too bad. Remember though this is about 1.5 months worth of return as this is the 18th of August as I write this. Hopefully we should see more stable income as we move forward and the loans get settled with monthly payments starting. I will make sure I report as of the 1st of the month instead of the 18th 😉


Lending Crowd

I added another £400 to Lending Crowd as I got £100 cash back reward from when I signed up (prior to the portfolio). So I just added another £400 from my bank to make it £500 as all of the other capital in Lending Crowd was invested in to loans. I wanted to make sure I have capital to bid on loan auctions as they come up. I will keep adding money as I use up the capital bidding on loans.



That’s really all for this update. There is not really enough data yet to start building charts to track the income. I’m kind of a geek so I will start to track all this stuff and publish it for you as soon as I have enough data. I will continue reviewing some of the lenders I have experience with and publish that. I’m also always on the lookout for new lenders to try out.



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