BullionVault – Gold Dealer Review
Return Rate 5
Overall Safety 5
Asset Security 5
Time in Business 5
Lazy Investor Rating 5

BullionVault is a physical gold & silver dealer based in the UK. They store bullion in locations including Zurich, Singapore, New York and London

Summary 5.0 great

BullionVault – Gold Dealer Review


– Updated October 2018


BullionVault is a physical gold, silver and platinum dealer based in the UK. Although they are based in the UK, they store gold & silver in a couple of different locations Zurich, Singapore, New York, Toronto and London.  I use BullionVault to store most of my physical gold in multiple locations. One of the things that stand out about BullionVault is that they provide the ability to actually take delivery of your physical gold if you should ever need it for any reason. I have never used this service personally, but it’s nice to know it’s available should you ever need it.




Founded in 2005, BullionVault has gone from strength to strength as a company that makes it very easy to own and store physical precious metals. Profitable since their first year of trading. Now with over 70,000 active customers, from over 175 countries, holding approximately $2 billion in stored bullion. In fact, with more than 38 tonnes of gold and 500 tonnes of silver bullion, BullionVault’s customers are already holding significantly larger reserves than most of the world’s central banks.

In April 2009 they won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) for the use of technology in the professional bullion market. In 2013 they were awarded a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) for growing overseas sales by 140% in 3 years.



BullionVault’s financial strength is formidable. Their asset value per £1 ordinary share has grown to over £80, and those assets are denominated in currency balances and their own gold bullion stock. This financial strength was consolidated when on 17th June 2010 they completed an important deal. The World Gold Council and Augmentum Capital each bought an 11.4% equity stake, investing a total of £12.5m (US$18.8m). On 12th April 2016 the World Gold Council transferred its 11% holding in BullionVault to Gold Bullion Investment Trust [GBIT] which became the registered owner. GBIT is a connected organisation of the World Gold Council.

In January 2017 BullionVault became members of the London Platinum and Palladium Market in anticipation of offering platinum on the platform in partnership with the World Platinum Investment Council.

Ownership of your gold, silver and platinum in BullionVault is outright.  BullionVault bullion is not subject to a trust deed, and it is not anyone’s liability.  It is – quite simply – your outright property from the instant you buy it to the instant you sell it.

BullionVault as just a custodian of your bullion.  They have subcontracted the physical custody of your bullion to the vault operators in the various locations.  BullionVault has retained responsibility for administration and record keeping, which is performed through the BullionVault website.

You can see the official bar lists on the BullionVault website**, and reconcile them to the BullionVault customer-by-customer records.  You should also know that in their agreements with BullionVault, the vault operators fully acknowledge that the bullion shall remain the property of BullionVault clients at all times.

If you need any further information on how safe investments are with BullionVault, just go to their website** where there is a lot more information on this subject.



BullionVault’s website** couldn’t be easier to use. When you first log in, you see your account overview.BullionVault Accout Page Screenshot

When you want to buy an asset, you simply enter the information in to the box on the right of the screen, and buy/sell. Easy as that!

However if you would like a little more information on bids & offers; you can switch over to the Live Order Board where you can see exactly what the product is trading at.

BullionVault Live Order Board

You can also get other information like investment guides, current news on the markets, as well as historical information and charts.

BullionVault Chart Page Screenshot



There is also a handy BullionVault App which has all of your account info and balances. As well as the ability to set price alerts and buy/sell bullion from your device.

BullionVault App Screenshot 1

You can also see the current market bids & offers, and get historical data and charts just as you can on the main website.



BullionVault charge commissions for buying and selling gold as you would expect. They also charge a storage fee for taking care of your bullion and storing it, as well as insuring it against loss. Thir fees to be very reasonable compared to other dealers. I have used several gold dealers over the years. BullionVault is by far the best out there in my opinion.

BullionVault Storage Fees Page ScreenshotBullionVault Fees Page Screenshot



If you are going to make physical gold, silver or platinum part of your portfolio, then BullionVault is a very good option. I have trusted them for many years with a large part of my gold holdings, and I expect to do so moving forward for many more years. Gold is an important part of my overall investment strategy. When things go bad in the markets, gold typically saves the day.


Click here to get more information on BullionVault or to open an account**.



Who Can Invest with BullionVault

Small_USA_Flag   Small_Euro_Flag   Small_UK_Flag

Residents of most countries can invest with BullionVault who can pass and ID  and money laundering checks. Residents of the USA are very welcome too. Contact BullionVault for more information.


* My opinions on ratings and risk rating factors refer to my personal experiences with the lender. Including factual data such as interest rates, loan types, security, platform history, default numbers etc. Read my Disclaimer before making investment decisions.

**Affiliated! I am an investor with this company, they store gold for me! (I only review companies I invest with so I can provide an honest evaluation). If you click on an affiliate link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps me to run this website and continue to offer new reviews and updates.



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