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June 2022 Investments Update Featured Image 1

It’s time for an investment update again. For the last few months I’ve been working on an exiting new long-term investment opportunity, which I’ll tell you about in the next few weeks. I want to be 100% sure it’s as good as it looks before I put it out there for readers to review. To […]

Portfolio Update April 2022 Featured Image

I decided it’s time to do an update as I haven’t in a few weeks. As usual, just had a lot of stuff going on at home that seemed more important, and of course this silliness going on in Ukraine. As you’ve no doubt noticed, the uncertainty because of the invasion, and also inflation and

Investment Update January 2022

Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope the festive season was enjoyable for you (as much as it could be with the current COVID situation anyway).

Investments Update for November 2021 Featured Image 1

This is the first update in a couple of months. I was sick for a couple of weeks at the beginning of October, then traveling for the rest of the month so just didn’t get around to sitting down and writing an update for October. So I apologize to anyone who was waiting for the

Investments Update September 2021 Featured Image

There were a few interesting changes in August; I started a Whisky Portfolio which you can read in the blog post My First Investment in Whisky. I’m still doing research on this but so far it’s looking really solid & I expect to have significant capital invested in whisky eventually. The Peer to Peer lending

Investment Update - August 2021 Update Featured Image

The Investment Portfolios Update is a bit late this month. I’ve been busy with other stuff so it’s taken a little while to get around to it. This update covers investments up to July 31st. All charts and investment figures on the website are up to date to that point. On top of that, not

July 2021 Investments Update Featured Image

June was the best month ever for my Peer to Peer lending Portfolio, not so much for the Crypto Portfolio, but that in itself may be an opportunity. More on that later. Growth Portfolios continued in the right direction, although I feel like we may be due for a pullback in the not too distant

Investment Update June 2021 Featured Image

In the June update; Crypto-crashes, Peer to Peer lending delivers, and the closed out Recovery Portfolio nets a nice 27.09% total profit! May 2021 was an interesting month overall. The Cryptocurrency market had it’s biggest crash ever, just as I decided to get in (always seems to happen when entering new investments for some reason).

Investments Update May 2021, Featured Image

April 2021 was a good month for my investments. I increased my P2P lending investment significantly, & added a couple of new Peer to Peer platforms to the Peer to Peer Lending Portfolio. More PolkdaDOT was added to the Crypto Portfolio when prices dipped towards the end of April. I also staked all of the

April 2021 Portfolio Update Featured Image

Finally an update! As per my last post, I’ve been working on updating the website with a new theme and look. So I thought it was time to actually give an update to the content subject of the site including an update on the Peer to Peer lending sites I’m still investing with. I decided

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