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P2P Lending Portfolio Update

  To start off this update, I need to apologize as I haven’t done a public update of the site in a couple of months because, even though the P2P sector has been in turmoil for the last few months, not a great deal has changed with many of the lenders. Also I’ve had more …

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P2P Lending Portfolio Update For March 2020

The March 2020 monthly update is going to be very different to my usual updates. The fact is that things have changed substantially in the last month and my Peer to Peer investment strategy has switched from “income” to “capital protection & damage control”.

Peer to Peer Lending - February 2020 Lending Update

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For February 2020

For February 2020, the Peer to Peer lending sector was again quiet. It seems the Coronavirus and the following securities market fallout got all the attention and P2P just ticked along in the background.

Featured Image for November 2019 P2P Lending Update

P2P Lending Portfolio Update For November 2019

Huge changes happening with Peer to Peer platforms this month. Most of my biggest lending accounts (Assetz Capital, Lending Works, RateSetter) all reducing rates of return preceding the implementation of the new FCA lending rules coming on December 9th

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