Assetz Capital Review

Assetz Capital Review (UK Lender) 

(4 / 5)

– Updated September 2018

Read my 100% unbiased Assetz Capital review here! Based on my own investing experience. Highlighting the positives and negatives of investing with one of the UK’s fastest growing Peer-to-Peer lenders.

Assets Capital is a medium to large size Peer to Peer – Peer to Business (P2P/P2B) lender.  Offering great returns from 4.10% for instant access, auto investment portfolios. And over 15% for manually selected investments.  Providing loans to property developers and small businesses throughout the UK (most of which are secured by property). I like Assetz Capital, and consider them to be one of the better options for high returns with asset security as a big plus.

Obvious Investor Easy-Info Table

Overall Rating*: (4 / 5)
Who can invest:
Estimated Return:4.00% - 15.00% depending on account
My Actual Return:6.12%
Risk Rating*:3/10 - Low-Medium   
Early Exit:Yes, no cost under normal market conditions.
QAA account fastest exit.
Min. Investment:£1
Auto Invest:Yes - 4 accounts
Manual Invest:Yes, higher returns but no provision fund.
Lending To:Borrowers
Loan Security:Yes.
Most loans secured by property and/or
personal guarantees
Provision Fund:Yes.
On 4 auto-invest accounts, not on manual invest.
Time to Invest:Usually Quick.
Couple of days depending on loan availability
Time to Mange:None (auto-invest).
Depends on your research (manual)
Lender Fees:No
Amount Lent:£609m+    (Sep 2018)
Number of Investors:29,000+
Loan/Dflt Stats:Yes, Click Here
Regulated:Yes: FCA
Location:Manchester, UK   
Cashback**:Yes! £50 Cashback! Click here for further information.
How to Sign Up**:Sign Up Here!

* My opinions on ratings and risk rating factors refer to my personal experiences with the lender. Plus factual data such as interest rates, loan types, security, platform history, default numbers etc.

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Assetz Capital were launched in 2013 in the UK as the first secured Peer to Peer business lender. In the 5 or so years they have been in business, they have become one of the best known and trusted P2P/P2B companies in the UK.

Assetz Capital haven’t had to deal with a major recession yet, so only time will tell how long they fair when that happens.  Current figures suggest that they have lent over £600 million (as of September 2018) in the 5 or so years they have been in business, which is not bad at all. Default rates for 2017 were 3.2% and bad debt rates were 1.9%, which are good rates for peer to peer companies lending to small businesses.

Investment Accounts

Assetz Capital has 5 different investment accounts.  At the top of the accounts page on their website is displayed your average combined interest rates between all 5 accounts.

Assetz Capital Screen Shot

Assetz Capital Screen Shot

The Property Secured Account (PSA)

The PSA as you may have guessed, offers loans secured on property at a current rate of 5.50%

The 30 Day Access Account

Offers a little less percentage yield at 5.10%. However under normal market conditions, they say you can make withdrawals with 30 days notice.

Assetz Capital Screen Shot

The Quick Access Account (QAA)

The QAA is a really great option. It offers instant access to funds contained within, under normal market conditions. I have to say out of all the P2P lenders, the QAA sets Assetz Capital above the other options out there.

Other companies have quick access accounts, but they don’t typically pay as much interest. The other great thing about the QAA, is that when waiting to invest in the auto-lend accounts, money can be placed here to earn 4.10%. This greatly minimizes cash drag. Loan repayments from other accounts can also be swept here for the same reason.

The Great British Business Account (GBBA)

GBBA offers a higher rate of 6.25% on loans exclusively to businesses, most of which I find are secured anyway. I put most of my money in the GBBA for the “hands off” auto-invest at the highest rate they offer with a provision fund.

It’s important to point out that ALL of the Assetz Capital auto-invest funds (not the manual invest) have a provision fund in place. This can be used to offset defaults so lenders keep getting their payments while assets are sold to redeem principle.

Manual Lending Account (MLA)

With the MLA there are currently rates up to 15.00% available, however it takes time to invest and you need a little more experience with lending to know how creditworthy a company might be, and how good the asset security is. So if you’re not really interested in learning the ins and out of business credit, perhaps the auto-invest account are best.

There is no provision fund on the MLA, so we are subject to direct defaults on this account. However if you choose loans with a good Loan to Value (LTV), you should be able to recoup most of your money eventually in the event of a default.


The loan listing page shows good initial detail on the loan and also LTV’s for each loan.

Assetz Capital Screen Shot

And if you drill down a bit further, you get even more details on each of the loans individually.

Assetz Capital Screen Shot

If you do choose to use the Manual Lending Account, please remember the  “Prime Directive” and be sure to diversify accordingly. Personally I don’t like having more than 0.5% of my portfolio to any single loan, but providing the loan has a good LTV, I’ll go a little more with Assetz as they have an excellent record of recovery and very low default rates.


Assetz Capital is one of my favorite peer to peer lenders. Their website is great, as are their returns for (mostly) secured property loans. I trust Assetz Capital with my money and I have no hesitation recommending them to other investors.



Click here to open an account New customers receive £50 cash back when they invest £1000 or more. When you open an account using this link it helps me to run this website and write new reviews. Please read our referral policy for more info





  • Safety – medium size company with a good track record and makes preservation of your capital one of their top objectives. Most loans are property secured, and if you want to ensure they are, you can just invest in the Property Secured Account for a nice 5.50% rate.
  • Auto-Invest – in all but one portfolio means virtually no time managing investments. Just send your money over, decide which portfolio you would like to invest in. Once your money is invested, you can sit back and watch the interest come in. Repayments can be reinvested automatically.
  • Great Rates – for a property secured auto-invest account, the rates Assetz Capital offers are among the best in the business.
  • Website – the Assets Capital website is very comprehensive, but also very easy to use and understand once you get the hang of it. It can take a while to learn, it but once you get to know the interface it works well. Some P2P websites leave a lot to be desired.
  • Large Investments –although Assetz Capitals loan book is not as big as Funding Circles, they still manage to gobble up large investments. You just need to keep an eye on the loans in the auto-invest, to make sure they are distributing the money as diversified as possible so you don’t get too much in a single loan.
  • No minimum investment – if your portfolio is still small, it’s still easy to invest with Assetz Capital. They have even put me in to loan parts of just 0.01p.
  • Quick Access Account (QAA) – is great for getting a good interest rate, especially  for almost instantly accessible funds under normal market conditions.
  • Zero cost exit –Assetz Capital dosen’t charge any points for exiting your investment early (providing there are buyers available to buy your loan parts). It is very easy to exit the QAA but it can take longer on the other accounts depending on how many buyers there are available.
  • Provision Fund – in the auto-invest account the fund should pay out on any defaults, although Assetz Capital does say that the fund is “discretionary” so it’s good to keep that in mind.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Regulated.
  • IFISA available for UK investors




  • Initial Investment Time – It can take a little bit of time to get invested because of the popularity of Assetz Capital.  And the sheer number of investors trying to get in.  The great thing is the QAA though because your money will sit there earning 4.10% interest from day one while it’s waiting to be invested in the longer term portfolios.
  • Unsecured Loans – some (very few) of the Assets Capital loans are unsecured loans given to businesses, so if things were to go bad, you don’t have any collateral. If this worries you, just invest in the Property Secured account and it should put your mind at rest a little.
  • Large Loan Chunks – keep an eye on the loans you get invested in through the auto-lend if you have a sizeable account, as they seem to be lacking a bit of diversification when the account gets bigger.

Traffic Light Medium Risk                Assetz Capital TrustPilot

RISK FACTOR – 3/10 – Low – Medium

I consider Assetz Capital to be at the lower to medium end of the risk scale. Taking into consideration that many of its loans are secured, it’s hard not to give it a lower risk rating. However they are lending to businesses, which are inherently more risky then lending to individuals.  I like Assets Capital a lot and put a lot of trust in them. As you can see by the TrustPilot review above, so do many other people.


It appears that most people with a U.K.  bank account (see review on TransferWise Borderless Account), can invest with Assetz Capital. Contact Assetz Capital for further information.



Click here to open an account New customers receive £50 cash back when they invest £1000 or more. When you open an account using this link it helps me to run this website and write new reviews. Please read our referral policy for more info



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