Best Peer to Peer Lenders For An Economic Downturn

Best Peer to Peer Lenders For An Economic Downturn

List Updated September 1st 2020

Which Peer to Peer lenders are most likely to be the best in a global economic downturn?

“Best” means different things to different people, so to be clear, this is about which lenders I believe my capital will be safest with, and still produce reasonable returns through a severe downturn in the economy.

Below I list the lenders I am leaving my capital invested with, and some I’ll be adding capital to, in the time of this economic downturn.


The information below is comprised of my opinions on Peer to Peer lenders. It also contains data on how I am investing capital for informational purposes only. It should not in any way be construed as financial advice or suggestion on where you should invest. Please do your own research before making investment decisions and do not base them solely on what you read on this website. Please read my full disclaimer of more information.



Kuflink Cashback

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Why is Kuflink on this list?

Kuflink have short to medium term (6 to 18 month) development loans with generally very reasonable LTV’s. Although the secondary (loan resale) market became very active when the COVID-19 panic first hit, they did not have any kind of liquidity problems as some other lenders did because the company (Kuflink) does not offer liquid “instant access” type accounts . Therefore lenders must wait to get their capital if they can’t sell loans on the secondary market. This turned out to be a benefit for Kuflink as they are not subject to a bank run as other lenders are. Auto-invest portfolios are coming to term normally and capital is being returned to investors (where requested).

Kuflink is still bringing new loans to the platform, and they are still being filled (although a little slower than normal). This shows that investors still trust Kuflink enough to invest with them.

My Kuflink Strategy.

I decided to sell down a few of the higher LTV loans on the secondary market, just for piece of mind as we don’t know how bad the possible recession might get.  Most of the capital is still with Kuflink. I’ll be leaving it there for now and lending into new low LTV loans as they become available. Of course I’ll keep an eye on things and this strategy could change at any time.

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Loanpad Cashback

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Why is Loanpad on this list?

Loanpad offer property secured loans, all with very low LTV’s (all below 50%, and many between 5% and 15%). These kinds of LTV’s mean even if UK property values take a huge nosedive because of the recession, even in the event of a default, lenders would probably get their capital back. In the last few weeks of the COVID-19 panic, Loanpad, although a smaller company, have been able to survive and fulfill capital withdrawal requests even from their “Classic” instant access account without having to declare a “Liquidity Event” and suspend capital withdrawals. I have no idea how they have managed this, but they have. All I can think of is that probably investors are not panicking so much to get their capital back as they are with other, unsecured lenders. 

My Loanpad Strategy.

Capital will be staying where it is now with Loanpad (it’s in the Premium 60 Day Access Account). I may even add more capital as things progress. Of course I’ll keep an eye on things and this strategy could change at any time.

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Why is CrowdProperty on this list?

CrowdProperty offer property secured development loans, all with first legal charge and reasonable LTV’s . I feel like the loans they have are well vetted and some of the safer development loans. In the last few weeks of the COVID-19 panic, new CrowdProperty loans have still been getting funded in a few minutes of being launched. These are large loans worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. This tells me that, even with panic and investors trying to withdraw capital from other platforms, CrowdProperty are still getting increased investment. This bodes well for sustainability moving forward. 

My CrowdProperty Strategy.

My capital will be staying where it is now with CrowdProperty. I may even add more capital as things progress if the loans continue to be filled quickly and loans continue to be paid back on time. Of course I’ll keep an eye on things and this strategy could change at any time.

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Unbolted Cashback

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Why is Unbolted on this list?

Unbolted offer pawnshop style loans to the general public with very liquid assets. These types of assets can be sold very quickly upon default. Pawnshops typically do better in recessions than they do in times of prosperity as people will borrow against personal assets when they are unable to get an unsecured personal loans. LTV’s are usually very low as defaults can be high so pawnshops need to make sure they can always recoup capital.  I have been lending with Unbolted for a couple of years now, and although there have been many defaults, assets have always sold at more than the outstanding loan principle and I have always been paid back both principle and interest very quickly. Loans are short to medium term in nature so a complete exit can be had by turning off auto-invest within 3 to 12 months.

My Unbolted Strategy. 

I’ll keep investing with Unbolted as normal as I expect them to be one of the most lucrative investments throughout a recession. Of course I’ll keep an eye on things and this strategy could change at any time.

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